Reapplying to Whittier


First-year and transfer students who have applied to Whittier College within the last year can easily reapply for a future term.

Applicants may reapply using the Reapplication Form up to two times. Applicants wishing to apply a third time can do so via the Common Application. Students who originally applied as a first-year student and have taken college courses since then, should follow the application process for transfer students.

How to Apply

  • Submit the Whittier College Reapplication Form
  • Submit updated transcripts that include any additional courses you have taken since you last applied
  • Include any additional materials that you feel strengthen your application or help the admission committee understand your circumstances

Previously submitted materials can be used again as supporting documents for your reapplication if they are complete and up-to-date.

When to Apply


Application deadline: March 1
FAFSA deadline: March 2
Decisions sent: April 1
Enrollment deadline: May 1


Application deadline: April 15
FAFSA deadline: ASAP
Decisions sent: Rolling
Enrollment deadline: Rolling