The Benefits of Becoming a Plant Parent


March 16, 2021
Angelina Costello ’22

Maintaining or finding new hobbies while also trying to remain safe and socially distant can be tough, so what is a hobby just about anyone can pick up in their own home? Gardening and having plants!

Growing up I've been surrounded by my mother’s and grandmother’s love for plants and herbs. We had just about every fruit and vegetable growing in our backyard at one point or another, which was also so convenient when we were cooking. When trying to grow my own plants though, I did get a little discouraged because my plants never lasted and I figured I had a black thumb or that I didn't inherit the skills my mother and grandmother have for plants.
Fast forward to a couple months ago. I found myself on "plant TikTok" where I was able to see so many beautiful, different plants and decided it was time to try out being a plant mom! Finding these videos online to better take care of plants has helped me a lot.  I’ve seen a lot of improvement from when I was younger and now I find so much joy in showing others this growth, literally.
And it turns out that there are a lot of benefits to having plants. Here are some examples.

Purifying Air & Improving Health

Having plants in your home or bedroom is a great way to purify the air you’re breathing in. According to the Clean Air study done by NASA, “having plants indoors can detoxify up to 85% of indoor air pollution” (Plants Absorb Toxins from Indoor Air). And the even cooler thing is that the toxins get absorbed into the roots of the plant and actually convert into food for your plant.
Plants have also been shown to improve health to those around them. By the plant’s ability to humidify the air and decrease dust, they can help fight the virus that causes colds and coughs. So not only are they therapeutic to care for, they can also help reduce stress levels, fatigue, sore throats, and colds.

Sharpening Your Focus

The great thing for students is that studies have shown that having plants in your bedroom can actually sharpen your focus. A study in England was done proving that students who are taught in or studying in a room with plants show 70% more attentiveness.

Easiest Plants to Own

After doing some research before buying my own plants, I needed to know which would be the easiest to care for. So here are some plants that I believe any student could benefit from having!

Snake Plant

This plant is actually known as very indestructible. They're so adaptable that they can survive in almost any type of light brightness, even fully artificially lit areas. They are also drought tolerant, meaning you can wait until the soil is 100% dry to re-water these plants.

Air Plants

Air plants are starting to become very popular because of the aesthetic they add to any room and they don't need any soil! They do have very small roots used to attach themselves to trees, but as a houseplant they can be place anywhere in direct and bright sunlight. To water them,
you just need to submerge them about once a week in warm water for around 15 minutes.
I've absolutely loved seeing my plants grow and being able to take care of them, so I really recommend finding the perfect plant and adding it to your home.