Reporting Sexual Misconduct


A student wishing to officially report an act of sexual misconduct under this policy, either in addition to or instead of, local law enforcement, may do so by contacting Campus Safety and/or the designated College grievance officer.

Campus Safety is the first internal option to report an incident of sexual violence. Campus Safety will provide transportation and will notify the Dean of Students or Associate Dean of Students on-call immediately.

Alleged victims are encouraged to speak with the designated College Grievance Officers identified below to make formal reports of incidents of Sexual Misconduct. Complainants have the right, and can expect to have complaints taken seriously by the College when formally reported, and to have those incidents investigated and properly resolved through the procedures set forth in this Policy. Formal reporting still affords privacy to the reporter, and only a small group of officials who need to know will be told. Information will, however, be shared as necessary with investigators, witnesses, and the Respondent.