WC Style Guide


The following are guidelines for the development of all printed materials, including official color palette, usage rules for the Whittier College graphic identity program (logo, seal, and athletic mascot), and information about College stationery orders.

Although this style manual is for use primarily by those in the Whittier College community who create documents or publications for external audiences, it is useful as a set of guidelines for internally distributed materials as well.

This manual is also meant to be a fluid document, updated often to reflect current usage and changes on campus. We welcome comments and suggestions to help us keep it current, relevant, and useful.

This guide has been produced by, and maintained by the Whittier College Office of Marketing & Communications, publicrelations@whittier.edu.


Whittier College logo






The Whittier College logo is the College’s official identifier and the appropriate symbol for use on all forms of visual communication.


The logo should be clearly and prominently displayed, and may not be altered or reconfigured. It should be displayed on all visual communications. 

The logo should be positioned at least 1/4 (.25) inch from the end of a page, gutter, or border, depending on page dimensions or publication design. 1/4 (.25) inch clear space must be maintained around logo.

Reversing to White

Reversing the logo to all white is allowed when applied to appropriate photographs or background elements that are not complicated or busy. Reversed versions of the logo can be found at the Download Center.

Sizing and Reproduction

In most cases the logo should not be reproduced smaller than two inches wide in print. It must be reproduced from an authorized, original camera-ready copy, or from a downloadable file available at our Download Center. It may not be redrawn, re-proportioned, or otherwise manipulated or altered. 

In many software programs, keeping the proportions true entails holding down the shift key while resizing the graphic by dragging one of its corners.


The logo may be reproduced in:

  • All black
  • All purple (PMS 526) for print
  • Purple PMS 526 and gold PMS 7405 on uncoated paper
  • Purple PMS 526 and gold PMS 124 on coated paper
  • Reversed to white

School Colors

purple box

Purple (Pantone 526) 
76c 100m 7y 0k



gold box

Gold (Pantone 7405 uncoated/Pantone 124 coated)
0c 25m 100y 7k

The logo may also be reproduced in white (reversed) and black



The approved fonts for Whittier College are Go Bold, a sans serif to be used for headers and titles, and should always be fully capitalized; and Rockwell, a serif to be used for body copy. In cases when Rockwell is used for headers, Helvetica Neue and Helvetica may be used for body text.


As the College's athletic graphic, the Johnny Poet mascot may only be used for publications related to athletics, unless prior approval is granted in writing from the Whittier College Director of Athletics.

The Whittier College mascot, Johnny Poet, should be reproduced in its entirety from digital art, provided by the Athletic Director upon approved request.

The mascot should not be redrawn, re-proportioned, or altered; do not manipulate height, width, or letter spacing.

College Seal

The Whittier College seal indicates official academic sanction, while the logo represents the College’s image and visual identity.

The seal is to be used primarily to authenticate official College documents (e.g., diplomas, legal documents, or contracts). It may be used on other materials ( e.g., glass and metal wares) only at the discretion of the President, Board of Trustees, or with the advice and authorization of the Office of Communications.

Acceptable Usages

  • Formal documents, such as diplomas, certificates, legal documents, and contracts
  • Communications from the Board of Trustees, the Office of the President, the executive officers of the College, and deans, for special announcements and events
  • Other official or historical College materials
  • Major media and fundraising initiatives
  • Limited merchandising with advance approval by the Office of Communications.

Reproduction Guidelines

  • The seal may not be altered or modified in any way. It must be reproduced from an authorized, original camera-ready copy or an electronic file.
  • May be embossed or screened into a background.
  • Minimum size for the seal is 3/4 (.75) inch diameter.


  • All black
  • All purple (PMS 526 for print)
  • Gold metallic (PMS 871)
  • Reversed to white
  • Reproduced on a gold pin or other specialty applications with approval of the Office of Communications.


Stationary represents the link between the College and its audiences. Each department communicating on behalf of the College will use standard stationery items for its correspondence.

Whittier College standard stationery can include letter size or monarch size letterhead, envelopes to match, and business cards.

Individual names may appear on College business cards but in most cases will not be printed on letterhead or envelopes.


All stationery is printed on white Classic Crest paper in PMS 526 purple and PMS 7405 gold. Additional information and/or requests for modification should be directed to the Office of Communications at 562.907.4277.

Stationery Options

To view each stationery item currently available to order, please click on the individual links below, which will open a PDF file in another window.