Guidance for Students


Tutoring through Zoom

Each tutor will have a unique meeting ID to host their tutoring hours. As usual, the tutoring schedule will be sent out to students, but the schedule will now also include the meeting ID for each tutor. In addition, the tutoring schedule and the meeting ID for each tutor will be available on the CAAS website . To join a tutoring session, students can access the site/app and click “join a meeting” then enter the meeting ID for the respective tutor; CAAS asks that students at least put their first name in “your name” to help the tutor with introductions. CAAS writing tutors will continue to serve students on a one-on-one basis while our other tutors will continue as a group tutoring model.

Academic Coaching/Student-Athlete Peer Mentoring through Zoom

Each coach/peer mentor will have a unique meeting ID to host their sessions. If a student is already working with a coach/peer mentor, they will reach out the student individually with their meeting ID and determine a specific meeting time.  If students are interested in requesting an academic coach or student-athlete peer mentor, please email  

More information about academic coaching and student-athlete academic support services are available online. 

CAAS Advising Appointment through Zoom

The professional staff in CAAS will continue to provide support to students through one-on-one meetings. Each CAAS advisor will have a unique meeting ID to host their sessions. If a student is already working with a CAAS Advisor, they will reach out to the student individually with their meeting ID and confirm the specific meeting time. If students are interested in meeting with a CAAS advisor, please email  More information about resources a CAAS advisor can offer are available online


All workshops will be posted online and will be available on the scheduled date. There will be no live-stream of the workshop. However, all the resources needed to fully engage in the workshop will be available.

If students have questions, would like to schedule an appointment, or are having issues accessing CAAS services, they can call 562.907.4816 or email

At present, no athletic activity is taking place on campus. Whittier College will fully comply with the State of California’s Specific Interim Guidance for Collegiate Athletics.

Time extensions on exams will be managed by individual professors since all learning will occur remotely. For students who receive extra time on exams, your professors are aware of the fact that you receive this accommodation and will be providing you with extra time.

  • Student Disability Services (SDS) will no longer be proctoring exams and students will not need to turn in a proctor form for the remainder of the semester to receive a time extension on a quiz or test.
  • The nature of how the extra time will be provided will depend on the manner chosen by each professor. SDS has been sending professors emails about the use of Moodle for exams and quizzes.  
  • Contact your professors to determine how they will be providing this accommodation, but please be patient as they are doing their best to adapt their courses for remote learning.
  • If you notice that the time you have been given does not align with the extra time you believe you were supposed to receive, please reach out to your professor, as they alone have access to adjusting the time.

Reduced distraction testing cannot be accommodated by SDS since exams will be administered online. As such, it is a student's responsibility to find an environment that is free of distractions and/or utilize headphones and earplugs to minimize distraction during testing.

Note-taking will continue to be provided to students who receive this accommodation. Continue to utilize dropbox to view the notes your note-taker has uploaded for you. 

  • Students serving as peer note-takers have received communication from SDS that they are expected to take notes, regardless of the method in which lecture material will be presented.
  • Please reach out to SDS if you have any questions that arise either before or during the remote instruction period related to note-taking.

Attendance flexibility has been encouraged for all students since many could experience issues with accessing courses and/or navigating courses online during the transition.

  • Communication with faculty is vital. Please communicate any difficulties or issues that come up while the campus is adjusting to remote learning directly to your professors.  
  • For students who have attendance modification as an approved accommodation, it is still necessary to follow protocol by notifying SDS and faculty regarding any medical condition flare-ups and what steps will be taken to turn in course work in a timely fashion.

Registered students who receive extensions on assignments (if feasible) as an accommodation are still required to reach out to SDS prior to the deadline or reach out to their faculty, if they prefer doing so, in order to determine if an extension on an assignment is feasible and will not fundamentally alter course requirements. As accommodations are not retroactive, extensions on assignments do not cover past assignments.

The ability to record lectures remains an accommodation our approved students can utilize, as long as they have signed our ability to record lectures agreement. 

Students who receive CART (Communication Access Real-time Translation) due to being deaf or hard of hearing will continue to receive this accommodation through remote captioning instead of on-site captioning. We have reached out to the professors of these students to ensure that the remote captioners will be virtually present during lectures.

Please note that we will continue to offer check-in appointments and intake appointments through Zoom, which is an online video communications platform. More information about Zoom can be found online.

If you have any questions about accommodations or would like to register to receive academic accommodations, please do not hesitate to reach out to us by email,

Emergency Funding & Assistance Programs

The Economic Crisis Committee at Whittier College provides support and guidance to students who have self-identified, or are identified by Whittier College faculty or staff, as experiencing a financial crisis that impacts their academic success at Whittier College.

If you are in financial distress, contact the Economic Crisis Committee at or 562.907.4233. 

The Housing Application for Fall 2021 is currently open.  

The housing priority deadline for all new incoming students is June 13. The housing priority deadline for all returning students was June 6. All applications received after the priority deadline will still be placed in on-campus housing, however, assignments will be made in the order applications were received. Housing assignments will be sent to students’ Poet email account between July 7 and July 9. Students may opt out of their fall housing assignment prior to August 6 by emailing the Office of Housing & Residential Life.

To request accommodations via the Student Disability Services (SDS) Office, contact SDS via email or 562.907.4825 immediately to begin the required paperwork. Do not send any medical documentation/emails to the Office of Housing and Residential Life.

Fall Move-In

  • Returning Students may move in any date between August 16 and August 23
  • New Students may move in any date between August 19 and August 23.
  • Student athletes who are required to move-in early may contact their coach for dates. 

Residence hall check-in will take place in the Campus Center Courtyard, across from the Mailroom. Key pick up will be between 12 and 4 p.m. Requests for after-hours key pick up may be coordinated with the Office of Housing of Residential Life via email.

Information regarding COVID-19 including vaccination requirements and international student quarantine requirements is available on the Whittier College Moving Forward page.

Contacting the Office of Housing and Residential Life

Although every attempt is made to return voicemails in a timely manner, email continues to be the best way to contact the Office of Housing and Residential Life at this time. 

International students who were enrolled at Whittier College in spring 2020, may take 100% of courses online (either in the U.S.A. or in your home country) and maintain your immigration status. If you are currently outside the U.S.A. and want to return, you may do so.  Before you travel, it is recommended that you contact Kerry Gonzales in the Office of International Programs for updated travel information as it is changing frequently.

If you are transferring to Whittier College from another school in the U.S.A., you may take 100% of your courses online and maintain your immigration status. You may choose to stay in the U.S.A. or return home.

New international students who need to get a U.S. visa or enter the U.S. for the first time, CANNOT take 100% of courses online. You must register for hybrid courses that blend online and in-person instruction. 

If you plan to enter the U.S.A. for the fall, the Office of International Programs will assist you in choosing hybrid courses that have a required on campus component. Alternatively, you can choose to take  courses from home and delay your entry into the U.S.A. until a future term.