Purpose of the System

  • To reserve a room and request room set-ups, equipment management, technology and catering needs for all events including large-scale or high profile events
  • To avoid double-booking and room schedule conflicts
  • Assess and report usage and planning for the following year
  • To effectively communicate campus event activity to all stakeholders and constituents

System Users

WebUser: A representative of a club or student organization, department, or office who is requesting meeting or event space on the Whittier College campus or formally informing the campus of an off-campus trip or event. All departments and active recognized clubs/organizations are provided an EMS username and password through the Office of Student Engagement.

SuperUser: The person responsible for reviewing and processing WebUser requests based on availability of location, date, time, and Whittier College policies and procedures (see corresponding flowchart for in progress, denials, and approval processes). This is the only person who can approve a request to be placed on the EMS Reservation System.

Administrator: The person responsible for managing the approved requests specific to their area (i.e. technology, catering, or facility requests). The administrator will edit requests and correspond with the WebUser whether or not the request can be accommodated.

Reservation Process Overview

Step 1: A WebUser submits a a request for an on-campus location to be reserved and/or an off-campus event to be approved and displayed on the Event Management System (EMS). Requests must be submitted at least 14 days in advance of the desired date. WebUsers are asked to request only the event start and end time on their initial requests. Any additional time needed before or after the event should be noted within the notes section of the request. 

Step 2: A SuperUser reviews requests and approves or denies accordingly based on availability of location, date, time, and Whittier College policies/procedures. The SuperUser also corresponds with the WebUser within a week of the request. EMS confirmations and reservation numbers are sent via email. If additional information or in-person meeting is required, this will be emailed or noted within the notes area of the EMS reservation system as “In Progress.” Some spaces on campus have guidelines and restrictions regarding minimum time gaps between events. See tips section below for more information.​

Step 3: An Administrator (i.e. Media Services, Poet Entertainment, Catering, and/or Facilities) reviews the approved requests specific to their area, edits notes or equipment as needed, and corresponds with the WebUser to manage technology, catering, or facility requests. Please correspond directly with the Administrator if there are changes or additions to requests after the EMS confirmation has been emailed.

Tips for Submitting a Request

  • Access the Event Management System (EMS) and select “Log in” under the “My Account” tab. Read the EMS How to Manual for screenshot instructions.
  • EMS WebUsers must log into the system with a pre-assigned department or student organization username and password in order to make reservations. If login information is unknown, please contact Eva Covarrubias at 562.907.4986.
  • All non-Whittier College guests must reserve through the Conference Services Office.
  • All requests for spaces and set-ups must be submitted at least 14 days in advance. Furniture set-up, catering, or media requests may not be able to be fulfilled if a request is made less than 14 days in advance. Rental of equipment may be required if it is not available on campus.
  • Requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis and should be submitted even if details are incomplete or undecided. Details can be arranged and reservations can be edited with respective administrators at a later date. 
  • Requests should only include actual event time. Additional set up or break down time can be requested via the notes section of the reservation form. Only the event's actual time will display in the EMS Reservation Calendar.
  • Multiple requests for the same space can be included in one request. Any differences in time for one or more dates may be noted in the set-up section of ther reservation form.
  • Doors cannot be unlocked by Campus Safety without an EMS confirmation number. Doors will remain locked until the event coordinator calls and requests they be unlocked.
  • For a faster response to your requests, please enter the name, employee email, and phone number of the person coordinating the event under “Contact” instead of the organization/department information that is pre-populated.

Tips for Reserving On-Campus Events

  • View the Helping Tips for Processing Requests Document for screenshots instructions. 
  • If you require media equipment, audiovisual equipment, or furniture set-up for an event within a classroom space already reserved through the Registrar or managed by your department, enter a request in EMS and receive an EMS Confirmation number to reserve those items.
  • When reserving a classroom for a special event, WebUsers should use the room search tool as a guide. However, WebUsers must still submit a request for that room on EMS. For the most accurate search results, enter the date range instead of the semester.
  • Do not reserve classrooms for non-class events directly through the Registrar’s Office.
  • Use of the Martin Ortiz Fire Pit, located in the Stauffer Hall Courtyard, requires a reservation. See the Student Handbook for usage guidelines.
  • When booking an outdoor location, please consider reserving an alternate location in the event of inclement weather.

Tips for Reserving Off-Campus Events

Off-campus events and trips must be noted in EMS and all appropriate forms (i.e. Travel Agenda Roster and Student Activities Release waiver) must be submitted before departure.

Tips for Reserving Furniture

  • Furniture requests cannot be completed without an EMS confirmation number
  • On-campus furniture inventory is limited. Therefore, requests will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Facilities staff must move all furniture. Coordinators may not volunteer to do move furniture
  • Furniture from Club 88, Campus Center Courtyard, Villalobos Hall, Ruth B. Shannon Center, or Memorial Chapel cannot be removed for use in other facilities
  • Reservations must include a request for pick-up of the equipment after an event. You can add where you want the items delivered in the notes section of the reservation form
  • Podiums, popup tents, generators, stages, risers, and extension cords cannot be requested from facilities and will need to be rented if necessary.
  • The event organizer or responsible department will be billed for any damaged equipment or reserved spaces, for any non-returned items borrowed, and for any overtime work required
  • For more information contact the Facilities Department at 562.907.4261.

Tips for Requesting Set-ups & Break-Downs

  • Room set-ups cannot be completed without an EMS confirmation number
  • Set-ups and take-downs cannot occur after 3 p.m. or during the weekend (i.e. weekend events are set up on Friday) as the facilities staff is not available. If set-up is absolutely necessary after-hours or on the weekend, overtime pay may be charged.
  • The request for facilities set-up on EMS is different from Angus Anywhere, the work order system used to request repairs and other services from the Department of Facilities. 
  • For more information contact the Facilities Department at 562.907.4261.

Tips for Reserving Catering

  • Catering orders cannot be completed without an EMS confirmation number. All requests for spaces and set-ups must be submitted fourteen (14) days in advance
  • The event organizer must sign all catering orders and include a billing account number to  must be signed with a billing account number. Catering or event orders funded by ASWC must include the ASWC Treasurer's signature. Contact the ASWC Treasurer at 562.907.5022 or visit the ASWC Office in the Campus Center.

Tips for Reserving Audio or Media Technology

Media Services 

  • Located in Wardman Library, the Media Services Technical Crew can assist with most audio or media technology during business hours in academic and administrative buildings
  • Mac users may need to rent an adapter from the library
  • For more information email mediarequests@whittier.edu or call 562.464.4545 

Poet Entertainment

  • Located in the Club 88 box office, the Poet Entertainment Technicians will take care of all audio and media technology for events occurring in the Campus Center, classroom buildings after business hours, and any outdoor spaces
  • Mac users may need to rent an adapter from the library
  • For more information email poetentertainment@whittier.edu or call 562.464.4567

Robinson Theater at Ruth B. Shannon Center for the Performing Arts Technician Services

  • For more information contact Shane Cadman at 562.907.4835 

Tips for Reserving Spaces During Summer

Tips for Using EMS

  • Reservations must be submitted at least fourteen (14) days prior to the event date. EMS is set to Eastern Standard Time.
  • Meetings and New Member Education events do not show up on the Reservation Calendar. If you do not see an event booked on the calendar do not assume that the space is available 
  • Catering, Facilities, Campus Safety, Poet Entertainment, and Media Services CANNOT assist event organizers without an EMS confirmation
  • Student organizations must first have event and space confirmed before submitting funding requests to ASWC

Event Space Guidelines

Upcoming Reservation Dates

  • For faculty/staff for academic year reservations: between June 6 and August 5 after which EMS will only be open for reservations within the current semester
  • For student organizations and faculty/staff for Fall only: at 8:00 am on August 4
  • For student organizations and faculty/staff for JanTerm and Spring only: at 8:00 am on November 4
  • EMS closes 2 weeks before Reading Day

Marketing Your Event

Student listserv messages will not go out unless the event is approved through EMS. See full listserv guidelines in the Student Handbook

If you'd like to market your event to an external audience you can submit a request for your event to be placed on the Web Calendar managed by the Communications Department. Adding an event to this calendar is solely for marketing purposes and does not guarantee reservation of space, equipment, or catering.