Computer Purchases


Computer and/or printer purchase is not required by Whittier College. There are several labs throughout the campus with computers and printers.

If you do wish to purchase a computer, IT Services does not require a specific brand or platform for use on our network. We do however require that your system be 10.3 or higher for Apple systems, and that that your system be Windows XP or higher for Windows Systems.

Apple Systems

Whittier's recommended systems are listed on the custom Apple Store web page. You can, of course, configure your own system. Macintosh-compatible printers are available under Accessories in the Apple Store. 


  • Warranty: Most Apple products come with a one year manufacturer's warranty. AppleCare, a warranty extension, can be purchased from the Apple Store.
  • Service and Support: Whittier College IT Services is an Authorized Apple Service Facilitator with KIS Computer Center, an Apple Authorized Service Provider, which offers complete repair and maintenance services.
  • Reseller Liability: Prices, specifications, and availability are subject to change without notice.
  • Eligibility to Purchase: Use of the Apple Store for Education is for Whittier College students, faculty, and staff only.

PC Systems

PC systems can be purchased through Dell online. Visit Dell University: Faculty & Staff Personal Purchase. For students, Visit Dell University: Student Purchases.