IT Services offers a wide array of computing, networking, and telecommunications resources and services to members of the College community to facilitate teaching and learning, research, and administrative activities and to further the College's mission.

Among the services we provide are voice and data communications including network service to the residence halls, administrative computing including self-service access to administrative services via the web, e-mail and calendaring, course management, and web and web portal services.

What services does the College provide for my computer?

IT Services outsources all hardware/software services to our service vendor KIS Computer Center, 626.723.7777.

Where are the computer labs located on the campus?

The main computer lab is located on the ground floor of the library. There are smaller departmental labs across the campus.

What type of computer do you recommend?

We do not recommend any particular make of computer. The campus is a dual platform campus and can support Macs and PCs.

If I have my own computer, do I need my own printer?

Yes. It's convenient to have your own printer with your computer. However, printing is available in the computer labs and the library. 

Who can I contact for computer related issues?

To purchase Mac computers, visit Apple's higher education store.
To purchase PC computers, visit Dell's higher education store.
To purchase Microsoft, Adobe, and Symantec software, visit ComputerLand of Silicon Valley's 
To purchase other software, visit the JourneyEd website.
For hardware issues, contact KIS Computer Center at 626.723.7777

What type of network does the College have?

The campus network consists of a fiber backbone with Ethernet throughout the campus. This is connected to a high-speed fiber optic connection to the Internet. Both wireless and wired network connections are provided in residential halls and throughout the campus.

How much is network service to my room?

Campus network connections are provided on campus at no cost.

Who can I contact for network related issues?

Please contact IT Services at 562.907.4287.

What email system does the College use? What is my email address? And how do I check my email?

Student email is powered by Google.

In most cases your username will be the first letter of your first name and the first seven letters of your last name. If your name is Jane Poet your username will be jpoet and your e-mail address will be If you have a popular last name such as Smith or Martinez, your username might be different. Contact IT Services if you have any questions.

Who can I contact for email related issues?

Contact IT Services at 562.907.4287.