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Office of Equity and Inclusion

As a new student, one of my priorities was to find a group of students and faculty with which I identified.

The Office of Equity and Inclusion (OEI) introduced me to students that understood the Latinx, immigrant, and queer experiences. The OEI provided me with the tools for developing my identity and being able to empathize and accept others’ journeys and experiences.

This space stems from Whittier College’s fellow students, enhancing their abilities to create and execute events; providing academic, social, and vocational programs to educate, celebrate, and honor the diversity of the student body; and offering internships, networking, and work opportunities. The OEI connects students like me to other students who care about the same issues or are in need of spaces where they are able to freely exist, reminding us that we all have a place at Whittier College and that our existence and visibility matter.

Cristian Alcantara
Cultural Ambassador