Brotherhood Leadership Program


The Brotherhood Leadership Program (BLP) was established in 2018 to create an empowering community of care and support focused on developing leadership skills in men of color. 

The program provides continuous academic and personal support through developmental workshops. The programming is designed to instill academic self-esteem, pride in one's culture and heritage, and an understanding of the unique experiences of men of color in educational institutions. The Brotherhood Leadership program ultimately aims to improve the persistence, retention, and graduation trajectories for all participating students. 

Program Curriculum

Through a workshop and mentoring model, the curriculum focuses on: 

  • The history and experiences of men of color
  • Cultural awareness of all BIPOC identities within Whittier College
  • The building of strong connections with faculty, staff, and alumni
  • The development of a culture of understanding and support around the importance of health & wellness for men of color
  • Academic empowerment
  • Leadership skills
  • Career exploration and readiness

Participating students will engage in activities and discussions around these topics all year. In the fall, participants take part in identity development workshops and begin developing their relationships with their peer mentors. In the spring participants engage in the men of color summit, and the brotherhood leadership retreat. Community dinners, socials, and peer to peer mentoring occur throughout the year. 


As a first-gen Latinx college student, I didn’t know what to expect once I got to Whittier College but I’m always grateful for the opportunity to have participated in the BLP. I was able to find a community of men of color on campus and I appreciate the brothers I gained from it!

Class of 2022 BLP Participant 

The BLP helped me get a head start in my college career. I’m a first-generation student attending Whittier College and at times it can feel like I’m walking with a blindfold on because I don’t know what to expect of this journey. The program has helped lessen that experience since it provides me with resources and information about campus and the importance of achieving a higher level of education.

Class of 2023 BLP Participant


The Brotherhood Leadership Program is open to all interested students and has no application process. If you are a Whittier College student interested in joining, please contact the Office of Equity and Inclusion at

All students, regardless of sex, race, color, or national origin, who are interested in the program's mission and focus are welcome.