Cultural & Ethnic Organizations


Cultural and ethnic clubs provide a space for students to connect with people who might share similar experiences or cultural values, engage in dialogue about current issues, socialize, plan events, and learn from each other.

We take pride in the fact that our cultural and ethnic clubs are diverse in membership and identities. Clubs are open to anyone. All you need is an open mind, a willingness to learn, and an interest in getting to know people from different backgrounds.

Alianza de los Amigos 

Alianza de los Amigos is Whittier’s Latino alumni association. With Latino students comprising more than 27% of undergraduate students at Whittier College, Alianza is dedicated to the educational success of these talented and dedicated students and serves in a variety of ways, including raising funds for scholarships and other programs.

Amigos Unidos 

Whittier College is proud of its sizeable Latino population and Amigos Unidos (formerly Hispanic Student Association) is very active in promoting Latino issues and culture through different social events, field trips, and speakers from the community. In addition, Amigos Unidos does outreach into the surrounding area through community service and mentoring college-bound students. Amigos Unidos has played a key role in implementing the annual Latino Graduation Celebration and also participates in the coordination of specialized events, such as the annual Tardeada. 


Asian Students Association 

The Asian Students Association promotes Asian culture and traditions, as well as the contributions of Asian-Americans. The club hosts social events throughout the year but is best known for its signature event, Asian Night, which is held every spring. Asian Night celebrates Asian culture and heritage through an exploration of food, dance, music, and other performing arts. 


Black Student Union (BSU)

The BSU assists Black students enrolled at Whittier both academically and socially through events, programs, and activities held throughout the year. BSU seeks to make an impact on the political, cultural, psychological, and intellectual development of its members. All BSU activities, programs, and events are coordinated with the intent to instill a sense of pride in Black students and to encourage a positive perception of the cultural and historical contributions of all African-descended people. BSU's goal is to create a legacy at Whittier College, which will reinforce every member's pride in oneself, one's race, and one's educational and life goals. Annual programs and events include Welcome Back BBQ, Black History Month, Wings and Things, and MLK Jr. Celebration. 



DanceVersity's focus is to incorporate various dance styles into modern choreography. Any dance genre is welcome to showcase or to be contributed. No previous dance experience is required, every one is welcome to participate.


Halo Halo Club (Filipino Club) 

The Halo Halo Clubs seeks to celebrate Pilipino heritage, to raise awareness, and further the understanding of its traditions and culture. 


Hawaiian Islanders Club (HIC)

The HIC supports students interested in Hawaiian culture and traditions. As an organization, it strives to develop and maintain a healthy, diverse community while seeking high moral standards and unity through numerous social events and educational outreach regarding Hawai’i’s diverse culture and language. Annual programs and events include Musubi Mondays, hula lessons and the annual lū`au. 


International Club

The International Club is an organization that promotes and exchanges cultural and geographical differences among the diverse Whittier College community. In addition, the group acts as the primary support group for new and returning international students. 


Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan (MEChA)

MEChA seeks to promote Chicano/Latino unity and empowerment through education and civic engagement. MEChA is very active in advocating for Latino issues on campus and plays a key role in organizing educational events, such as Hispanic Heritage Month and New Student Orientation. MEChA members are also active in the local community, reaching out to local high school students and motivating them to continue their studies.