About Business Administration


Business administration students develop the conceptual knowledge and professional management skills necessary for success in the ever-changing business environment.

The major provides a broad overview of the various sub-disciplines within business administration, preparing graduates for management and staff positions in profit-oriented and non-profit organizations and government.

For business administration majors wishing to receive more in-depth knowledge in one of the functional areas of business, the department offers the opportunity to pursue a concentration in accounting, finance, international business, management, and marketing. Also offered are the interdisciplinary major, Mathematics-Business, which provides a strong background of concepts and techniques in the field of “quantitative management.”

Our concentrations and courses resonate with liberal education values as we build and use learning bridges to the arts, communications, and social and natural sciences. A very experienced and engaged faculty strives to instill confidence and competence in each of these disciplines so that students understand how business relates to humanistic values and global society.

The department highly recommends study abroad and participates in several international programs, including the Denmark International Studies International Business program, wherein students study in Copenhagen for one semester.

Business Administration is the largest department on campus, with more than 200 Whittier students under its wing. We provide a major that is dynamic and engaging and encourage students to take advantage of the opportunity.