Department of Business Administration


Business Administration at Whittier College (BSAD) is truly a multifaceted subject, combining accounting, finance, information systems, international business, management, marketing, and operations together into one cohesive major.  

As a business administration student, you will develop a good understanding of the disciplines of business and their social and organizational environments—helping you embark on rewarding careers in business, government, and non-profits, alike.

The Department offers both a major and minor in Business Administration and participates in the interdisciplinary major, Mathematics-Business.

BSAD also encourages its majors and majors of other disciplines to take advantage of its newly launched Liberal Arts of Organizational Leadership Program, which strategically integrates aspects and ideas from other disciplines—namely humanities—into existing business courses.


Department of Business Administration
Hoover Hall, First Floor South
562.907.4956 (fax)