Success Stories in History


Recent history alumni are completing advanced degrees at institutions that include Claremont Graduate University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Penn State (med school), University of California-Los Angeles, University of California-Riverside, University of Hawaii, University of Michigan, and University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Graduates who enter the professional arena have found careers as lawyers, medical doctors, college and university professors, public school teachers, development officers for a community organization, Peace Corps volunteers, ministers, and at least one as a production assistant for a Hollywood film company.

See what our alumni are up to

Ashleigh Krueger ’05
Medical Student
Penn State College of Medicine 

“My time at Whittier was transformative. In the span of four short years, I came to know who I was and the direction I wanted my life to take.  Not only do I feel that I received a first-class education at Whittier, but I also formed relationships with students and faculty that endure to this day and continue to mold and shape the direction of my life.” Read more.  

Emily McEwen ’05
Programming and Exhibits Assistant 
Cowlitz County Historical Museum (WA)

“Each of my undergraduate history courses required near constant writing. My professors took so much time writing comments, providing feedback, and critiquing my papers. 
The amount of writing required of me while at Whittier often seemed overwhelming, but now I honestly can't thank my professors enough for their writing intensive courses!” Read more.