Majors And Minors


Requirements for the Major in History

To complete the major in History, a student must complete a minimum of 30 credits, which include the following:

I. Foundation courses (four courses, 12 credits)
Introduction to World History, HIST 101 (3 credits)
The U.S. to 1865, HIST 206 (3 credits)
The U.S. Since 1865, HIST 207 (3 credits)
One additional 200-level course (3 credits)

II. Theory and Methods Seminars (three courses, 7 credits)
History and Theory, HIST 280 (3 credits)
Historical Methods, HIST 380 (3 credits)
Internship, HIST 50 (1 credit), or Preceptorship in World History, HIST 60 (1 credit), or Preceptorship in U.S. History, HIST 61 (1 credit).

III. Depth. Three, 300-level courses in one world area - Asia, Europe, Latin America, United States. (9 credits total)

IV. Breadth. One course in three world areas - Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, or United States - at the 200- or 300-level, cannot be same as depth area. (9 credits total)

V. Capstone Seminar, HIST 480. (3 credits)

VI. Also recommended (not required, but recommended for the major)

  • A course in statistics
  • Two to four years of a foreign language
  • Study abroad

Requirements for the Minor in History

To complete the minor in History, a student must complete a minimum of 18 credits, including either History 280 or 380, and at least one course in two of the following world areas: Africa; Asia; Europe; Latin America; United States.