Mark Kozek

Mark KozekAssistant Professor
Department of Mathematics & Computer Science

Science & Learning Center 211D

562.907.4200, ext. 4441

Academic History

A.B., Ed.M., Harvard University
M.A., Wake Forest University
Ph.D., University of South Carolina

Professional Interests

Number Theory

Coverings of the integers
Goldbach’s conjecture for monic polynomial
Composites that remain composite after changing a digit
Powers associated with Sierpiñski numbers 
Riesel numbers and de Polignac's conjecture
Fibonacci-Sierpiñski numbers and Fibonacci-Riesel numbers
Erdös’ minimum modulus problem
Mathematics of sudoku/shidoku

Academic Focus

Modern Algebra I, Modern Algebra II, Number Theory, Linear Algebra, Advanced Geometry, Discrete Mathematics, Cryptography, Calculus I, Calculus II, Calculus III,  Precalculus, Mathematics for Management Sciences, Mathematics in Literature and Cinema, Mathematics and Politics of Military Cryptography, and College Algebra

Professional Activity


January, Joint Mathematics Meetings JMM 2013, Special Session on Coverings of the Integers, San Diego.

December TBA, West Coast Number Theory Conference, Asilomar.

November 17, Southern California Conference on Undergraduate Research SCCUR 2012, Cal State Channel Islands.

November 4, Southern California Number Theory Day at UC Irvine.

October 27-28, AMS Fall 2012 Western Sectional Meeting, U. of Arizona.

October 13, MAA Fall 2012 SoCal Nevada Section Meeting, Cal State Long Beach.

Previous Math Calendar (conferences, invited lectures, research trips, etc.)


“Composites that Remain Composite After Changing a Digit” (with Michael Filaseta, Charles Nicol and John Selfridge), J. Combin. Number Theory, 2 (2011), 25--36. [pdf]

“An Asymptotic Formula for Goldbach’s Conjecture with Monic Polynomials in Z[x],” Amer. Math. Monthly 117 (2010), no. 4, 365--369. [pdf]

“On Powers Associated with Sierpiński Numbers, Riesel Numbers and Polignac's Conjecture” (with Michael Filaseta and Carrie Finch), J. Number Theory, 128 (2008), no. 7, 1916--1940. [pdf]

Applications of Covering Systems of Integers and Goldbach’s Conjecture for Monic Polynomials, Ph.D. dissertation, University of South Carolina, Columbia, 2007.