Discovery in Modern Languages


While traveling abroad is certainly an immersive way to learn a language, Whittier students find more opportunities close to home.

Students performing a play in Club 88.Spanish-Language Play

Luz Castro and her fellow students recently performed Viaje a Las Fronteras de las Sombras, or, Journey to the Borders of the Shadows in a campus venue. Led by Professor Gustavo Geirola in his Latin American performance experience workshop, Luz helped produce and perform the original play, inspired from the students’ improvisations based on the word luz (or, “light”).

“This course allowed for me to practice my Spanish speaking skills, get out of my comfort zone and build my own confidence,” Luz said.

The experience not only provided Luz with an immersive opportunity to put her studies into practice—she also explored Latin American perspectives and performance. Not limited to a play, the experimental class also allows students to discover the challenges involved in staging a poem, play, or short story.

La Table Française

La Table Française is a social gathering open to all speakers of French. Led by native and near-native French speakers, members are encouraged to express themselves and given opportunities to be immersed in a French environment. For more information about La Table Française, contact Professor Marie-Magdeleine Chirol at