The minor program in Japanese offers training in spoken and written language, as well as study of Japanese culture through a wide range of topics, including literature, linguistics, history, philosophy, art, modern culture and communication.

Language classes are conducted in Japanese as much as possible, and provide students personal interaction and communicative practice, including language lab, and opportunities to experience linguistic as well as cultural hands-on experience with native Japanese speakers through various activities and projects. Other classes are conducted in English.

The primary goal of the Japanese program is to develop both Japanese language skills and cultural awareness sufficient to succeed in the Japanese speaking society, as well as to provide an opportunity to widen insight into one's own native language and culture.

Knowledge of Japanese is a valuable asset to those who seek opportunities in business, teaching (JET: the Japan and Exchange Teaching Programme in Japan), and government. The College offers a study abroad program at Obilin University in Tokyo, Japan; courses taken abroad may satisfy requirements for the minor.