Fellowships for Whittier College Students


A fellowship is an award for your past performance (grades, leadership, community service) which supports your current work or future promise.  

Fellowships often combines a scholarship (or stipend) with a mentored experience (faculty advisors for research and creative projects, or supervisors for internships). Fellowships fund a specific purpose such as education, research and creative activities, teaching, or public service. 

Are you interested in:

  • funding for study abroad, research and creative activities, and internships?
  • engaging in service to positively impact your community?
  • developing lasting relationships with faculty members?
  • defining clear goals for your future?

Fellowships can help you:

  • find appropriate fellowships.
  • ​connect with faculty advisors. 
  • navigate the application process. 
  • write and revise applications. 
  • prepare for interviews. 
  • identify and take some of these - and more - steps in your future plans.

Applications for fellowships, scholarships and grants often involve multiple supporting documents, such as autobiographical essays/personal statements, project proposals, official transcripts, GRE or other test scores, letters of recommendation from professors and/or from Whittier (in the cases of applications that require institutional endorsement by the College), and interviews.


Sylvia Lopez-Vetrone
James Irvine Foundation Chair in Biological Sciences
Associate Professor of Biology and Director of Undergraduate and Graduate Fellowships
Science & Learning Center 305
562.907.4200 x4424