Ahmanson Veteran Fellowship 


With the support of The Ahmanson Family Foundation, Whittier College has established the Ahmanson Veterans Fellowship, which is dedicated to increasing professional development opportunities for student veterans who served in the United States military.

The fellowship offers three pathways for students to choose from. In collaboration with the Career Center, the SVA National Convention Pathway and the Internship Pathway focus on career preparation and provide student veterans with a training curriculum specifically designed to prepare them for a successful return to the civilian workforce.

Choose one of three Pathways

  • An opportunity for student veterans to engage in a substantive undergraduate research project with a faculty mentor for an academic year or a summer term.
  • The research should inform a scholarly presentation. Previous experience with research is encouraged, but not required.

Benefits of Research Pathway

  • Gain hands-on experience conducting academic research under the guidance of a Whittier College faculty mentor.
  • A stipend of $3,000 (to be paid over the academic year or summer period).

  • Career preparation and professional development training through the Career Center.
  • A fully paid trip to attend the Annual Student Veterans Association National Conference, where students can network with potential employers and other veteran organizations.

  • Financial support for student veterans to complete an unpaid internship that prepares them for their desired career path.
  • The student must secure the unpaid internship prior to submitting their application.

Benefits of the Internship Pathway

  • Career preparation and professional development training through the Career Center.
  • A stipend of $3,000 to complete an unpaid internship. 

Eligibility Criteria for the Ahmanson Veteran Fellowship

  • Sophomores or juniors in good academic standing; Seniors eligible if graduating after fellowship completion
  • Open to students of any major or program
  • A minimum 3.0 GPA
  • A U.S. Military Veteran

Selection Criteria

  • Demonstrate academic ability. 
  • The ability to conduct and complete the proposed pathway.
  • A strong fit with the student's academic and career goals.

Due Dates

  • Research Pathway: March 4, 2024
  • SVA National Conference Attendance Pathway: The first Friday in October
  • Internship Grant Pathway: Submit at any time

Additional Application Documents (see application for specific instructions)

Use this guide to gather your application documents. Request these items two weeks prior to the deadline.

  • Complete the appropriate application
  • Unofficial academic transcripts
  • Current semester Course Progress Report for each 3-4 credit course you are enrolled in.
  • Signed sample Student Contract
  • Signed Mentor Agreement or signed Internship Agreement
  • Proof of military service (i.e., DD214) if not currently using VA Education benefits
  • A 500-word essay explaining why you want this fellowship opportunity, how you will benefit from the fellowship both personally and professionally, and what personal qualities (skills, attributes, and/or abilities) you possess that will ensure a successful fellowship experience.
  • Research Pathway essay: A 1000-word essay indicating the primary objective of your project, discuss why is it important, explain the methodology(ies)/ approach(es) that will be used to accomplish your objective, present a timeline for the project during the fellowship period, and identify the end result(s) of your project (e.g., a public presentation at URSCA or other conferences, a paper, artwork, play, etc.).
  • Selected semi-finalists may be interviewed.

Fellowship Advisor

Mariacristina Navaja, MSW

US Navy Veteran and Director of Conduct and Veteran Services 
Office: 562.907.4234
Mobile: 562.646.7577

Past Fellows

Vitalyi Tractenberg (2022)
Ricardo Mendoza (2019)
Patrick Tsu (2019)
Raymond Johnston (2018)
Aaron Mendoza (2018)
Jeff Lee (2017)
Fernando Lopez (2015)
Mauro Munguia (2015)
Jose Cuevas (2015)