INTEX Fellowship Abstract Archive


Davis HaleyDavis Haley '21

The Intex fellowship in Xiamen China was a rare and beneficial experience that will help me down the road. We were able to travel to China for a two-month period and work for a major business. We learned how businesses work behind the scenes and be apart of the process as a connection between consumers and manufacturer. We were also able to experience the differences between Chinese and American culture.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my time in China and with the Intex corporation as I was able to gain a lot from the two-month period as well as provide for the company and agents from the Chinese universities. I forged new friendships and connections, bettered myself in different ways. It without a doubt a crucially important experience in my life that I would highly recommend for others to apply for. I once again thank those who were able to provide this opportunity for me and other students. All of the knowledge accumulated from the fellowship will certainly be of great use in the future.

Oscar AliagaOscar Aliaga '21

The internship itself was also very interesting, I came in skeptical about being in a foreign nation for two months, and left with a newfound love for China and it’s culture. I learned far more in my two months here about China and it’s idiosyncrasies than my whole life reading about it in a history book. The internship itself was a great learning experience along with an insight into the inner workings of a billion dollar company. I learned a lot about how business works and being in the call center allowed me to refine my communication skills along with my descalation skills when consumers get upset. It’s an eye-opening job to say the least, but I’m glad I completed the internship.

However, overall this was a great experience and I wanted to thank Intex for allowing us to come here and welcoming us with open arms. I would recommend this internship to any of my friends who inquired about it. Intex is a great company and I’m glad I was enable to participate in an enriching experience I will not forget.

Audrey ArmientaAudrey Armienta '21

The Intex Fellowship gives students a chance to see inside an international corporation and work directly with consumers and products. Corporations are not always open to the public, but through the fellowship, students can learn about the manufacturing processes, factories, shipment, management, and customer service. The fellowship serves as a way to apply the information learned in Business Administration to the “business world”. Directors and workers from various departments were able to give a small lecture in which we received direct insight and knowledge for how they conduct business in their departments. Direct experience in the customer service call center gave valuable insight to communications with consumers and feedback on the products. It also gives a chance to make connections with the company and the people you work with along the way. It’s important to know how something works to understand it; seeing the Intex corporation run from the inside allows one to do just that. It's an experience that enhances communication skills with employers, coworkers, and consumers. Granted the opportunity to take in the Chinese culture and the desire to learn from those working within the fellowship, it can make the experience worthwhile and unforgettable.

Craig RogersCraig Rogers '20

When I begin to reflect on the experience that I acquired as an Intex representative, my mind turns to how much practical knowledge I have learned from the entire process. For example, considering that this was the first time leaving the country, I had to quickly learn about how to obtain a visa and a passport. I am aware that this Internship is fairly new and there is not much background knowledge on the process. Moving forward, faculty should reach out to previous fellows to provide more accurate information to the next group. 

Overall, it was a great experience to have the opportunity to see firsthand how a successful manufacturing company is operated. It was also a great pleasure being able to visit a new culture and find a new appreciation for Chinese and American society.  

Isabela Vargas '21

This internship was an amazing experience that I’m so thankful for receiving. It allowed me to grow not only as an individual and cultural knowledge but as an academic as well. China brought on many difficult challenges such as working with others that are different from myself, learning a position in customer service that I’m not familiar with and being in a different country with a culture so different from what I’m used to. Two months in a foreign country was one of the hardest things I’ve experienced only making me better in the long run. I learned how to work with people in different or stressful situations and how to communicate which will better my personal and academic life. I also know how to work in a diverse setting which not many people my age or even older can say by going to a foreign country. I now know that traveling is going to be a big part of my future because I enjoyed this experience so much!