Priority Five: Athletic Success


With 18 NCAA Division III intercollegiate teams across seven facilities, nearly one-third of all Whittier College students are proud athletes.  

Purple & Gold (P&G) Club

The P&G is the primary support group for the Whittier College Athletics Department. Through its dedicated fundraising efforts, P&G serves as a valuable resource for special athletic needs, including travel expenses for out-of-state tournaments, training equipment, facility improvements, uniforms, awards, and other items to enhance the men's and women's athletic programs. Annual contributions help support all 18 intercollegiate athletic teams. P&G is also active in the lives of Poet student-athletes by organizing annual events, such as the Fall Tailgate, the men's and women's Basketball Classic, the All-Sports Awards Banquet, the P&G Golf tournament, and the Hall of Fame Induction Dinner.

Head Coach Endowed Positions

Coaching quality and continuity is important to recruiting and retaining student-athletes. By endowing coaching positions, Whittier's athletic program can continue building the next generation of Poet leaders through consistent and sustainable mentorship and guidance. Whittier’s coaches are dedicated teachers and mentors who support their students' achievements both on and off the playing field. In doing so, they contribute meaningfully to Whittier’s educational mission.

An endowment naming opportunity is available at the $2,500,000 level.

Endowed Athletic Programs

Endowing an athletic program ensures a sport's future at Whittier by offering stability to a team’s operating budget. Program endowments for Whittier College athletic programs will provide necessary funds, which at the discretion of the athletic leadership, can be used for postseason, invitational, or international team travel, equipment purchases, recruiting expenses, and general team support. All these resources will help attract talented student-athletes, retain successful coaches, and improve the Poets’ competitive status nationally.

An endowment naming opportunity is available at the $2,500,000 level.

Poet Student-Athlete Leadership Life Lab

The life lab will develop, challenge, and support student-athletes and coaches in their quest to become world-class leaders in athletics, academics, and life. It will create a positive learning environment for personal growth, rooted in the foundations of pride, integrity and commitment to excellence. The life lab’s goal is to create a strong network of disciplined and confident Poet leaders, who are prepared to become Champions in Life.

An endowment naming opportunity is available at the $2,500,000 level.