Creative Spaces


Student playing drumsChowdry Recording Studio

Cue the melody and hit record. Students create beautiful music in the state-of-the-art Chowdry Recording Studio.

The soundproof space comes equipped with a vocal room, Apple Logic recording software, a central lounge area with a tech panel, and the main recording room with a Steinway piano. The studio gives students an edge in their music education and rounds out their preparation for careers in the recording industry.


Students working in Wardman GymWardman Gym Art Studios

Your imagination deserves great space to thrive. In Wardman Gym Art Studios, students do just that, whether in the Digital Lab, the Drawing & Painting Studio, the ceramics studio, the wood shop, the welding shop, or the printmaking facilities and presses.

Once finished, students' artwork goes on display in Wardman’s lobby gallery and, occasionally, Whittier College’s Greenleaf Gallery, because greatness deserves to be recognized.



Students operating treadmill in movement labMovement Lab

Forget what you've heard: here, running inside is allowed. In the innovative Yao Yuan Sze Foundation Movement Laboratory, students explore the dynamics of physical movement as they pertain to health and wellness. Located on the ground floor of the newly renovated Science & Learning Center, the lab’s doors open to an enhanced outdoor corridor where students can observe this exploration in action.


Robinson Theatre

Student talent takes center stage in the 403-seat Robinson Theatre, located in the Ruth B. Shannon Center for the Performing Arts. Several times a year, students show off their talent, hard work, and personal growth in this beautiful space.


Students gardeningSustainable Urban Farm Garden (SUrF)

Get your hands dirty with your own urban farm. Students worked with professors to establish the Whittier Sustainable Urban Farm Garden Learning Laboratory—a 1/8-acre micro-farm composed of raised beds and fruit trees in the “front yard” of Wanberg Residence Hall. The garden is grounded in an emphasis on rehabilitating the soil, with the side benefit that students get to grow and eat great food.



Three telescopesTelescopes

Housed on the rooftop of the Science & Learning Center, the physics and astronomy department's telescopes give students a personal glimpse into the majesty of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Twice a year, the physics club brings along the telescopes to Joshua Tree National Park, away from Los Angeles' city lights, for a star-viewing party.


Professor and student using 3D printer3D Printer

Bring your concept models and prototypes to life with the physics and astronomy department's MakerBot Replicator Z18. The printer is used not just by students enrolled in robotics courses, but also students assisting with faculty-sponsored research, and members of the campus community who supply their own filament.


Video Production Studio

Students in the Video Production Studio (VPS) take advantage of the campus' media center and equipment to experiment with filming and editing techniques. From writing to shooting to editing, VPS helps fellow students create their own short films, media projects, and promotional videos.

Scenic Studio

Each semester, students help create the sets for productions at the Ruth B. Shannon Center for the Performing Arts. Through the Introduction to Design and Technology course, students enter the center's Scenic Studio to discover the artistic joys and technical expertise of building a world.


Digital Liberal Arts (DigLibArts)

Students explore the many ways that they can use the internet and other digital tools in their education.

The DigLibArts center offers students training, mentorship, workshops, and community events to build their networks and hone their skills in digital scholarship, media production, community engagement, and more. Students also work at the center as tech liaisons who help their fellow Poets discover and use a wealth of digital tools.

K-POET Broadcast Studio

Everything from rap to classical, and even select talk shows, broadcast from the K-POET studio at campus center. Students run the show as on-air talent, production and tech members, and special events management. Two classes for credit are associated with the radio station, "Introduction to Radio Broadcasting" and "Radio Hosting," which are taught by the K-POET advisor. Students interested in a position should contact station management.