Whittier College Undergraduate Summer Courses


Whether you need to stay on track or get ahead for graduation, lighten the load of your regular semesters, or you just want to take a really interesting class during the summer, Whittier College offers online and on-campus courses during the summer.

This is a great opportunity for you to continue your Whittier education during the summer, at a fraction of the cost, from anywhere in the world. In addition, these courses may be used to satisfy Lib. Ed. and/or major/minor requirements.

Members of Whittier College faculty and select adjunct instructors teach Summer Program courses. All courses satisfy requirements for Whittier College academic credit and may be applied toward degree requirements. The maximum number of credits for which a student may register during the summer is 13. All courses are transcripted using semester credit hours.

Enrollment Information

Whittier College students

  1. Summer registration opens on April 15. 
  2. Register using My.Whittier.edu, Registration tab, Add and Drop Classes link, unless otherwise noted.
  3. Use the Registration Fee Assessment link at the bottom of the Add or Drop Classes page to see your balance due.
  4. Use the Credit Card Payment link at the bottom of the Registration Fee Assessment page to pay your fees. Alternatively you may submit payment to the Business Office located in Mendenhall.

Students Visiting from other Institutions

  1. Complete an Application for Non-Degree Admission which is available at the Registrar’s Office front desk in Mendenhall.
  2. You will be notified of admission via email and provided additional registration instructions.

Add/Drop and Withdrawal Schedule for Summer Undergraduate Enrollment

Instructors may drop students for non-attendance through 25% of class duration. It is the student's responsibility to drop classes before published deadlines. Classes not dropped by the deadline are subject to grading and full fee liability.

Add/Drop Schedule

1st day of class: Last Day to Add/Drop without “W"
6th day of class: Last Day to Drop with a “W"

No withdrawal or leave of absence is granted during the last week of any course

Fee Payment and Refund Schedule for Summer Undergraduate Enrollment


Online courses: $683 per credit

On-campus courses: $1,004 per credit

Fees must be paid in full before the class Start Date unless otherwise noted above. Some classes have early registration and payment deadlines. Enrollments are canceled for non-payment of fees by the deadline. Late payment and registration reinstatement incurs a $100 penalty.

Refund schedule

  • 100% of fees are refunded for classes dropped on the 1st day of class
  • 90% of fees are refunded for classes dropped on the 2nd day of class
  • 80% of fees are refunded for classes dropped on the 3rd day of class
  • 70% of fees are refunded for classes dropped on the 4th day of class
  • 60% of fees are refunded for classes dropped on the 5th day of class
  • 50% of fees are refunded for classes dropped on the 6th day of class
  • After day six (6) 0% of fees are refunded

Transcripts for Summer Classes

Please refer to the Registrar's Office Transcript page for information on how to order an official transcript of your Whittier College coursework.