Financial Aid for International Students

Whittier College provides financial aid for a limited number of qualifying international students each year.

Financial aid is awarded based on financial need as well as merit.

International And John Greenleaf Whittier Merit Scholarships

Whittier College annually awards a number of scholarships to students, including those given on criteria of academic merit, international citizenship, year of entry and other designations.

International and John Greenleaf Whittier Merit Scholarships are awarded upon admission to Whittier College. The amount you may be eligible for is based on the Office of Admission's criteria and typically remains the same each year.

Whittier Work Award

The student employment program at Whittier College is designed to provide students with on-campus employment while attending Whittier College. Students gain valuable work experience, which can prepare them for employment in future years, while participating directly in the life of the Whittier community.

How does this program work?

Work-study is a College-administered program, through which you earn your award allocation to pay for your educational expenses. The amount of your work-study award represents the maximum allocation you may earn for the year. You obtain part-time employment on-campus and you will only receive earnings for the number of hours you worked.

How many hours may I work?

You may work a maximum of 20 hours per week during periods of enrollment. You will receive biweekly paychecks based on the number of hours you worked during the previous pay period.

Information about all work-study positions can be obtained in the Center for Career and Professional Development. Job positions vary and include opportunities in research, tutoring, community service, administration and office operations, computing, and library services.