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How late is the library open?

We are open seven days a week during the regular school year. Check our home page for current information.

Can people outside of the Whittier College come and use the library?

While we welcome community members to our library, our priority is to serve Whittier College students, faculty and staff. There are four stand-up PCs by the main floor entrance that guests may use. Printing is not available to outside community members.


What do I need to check out a book?

You will need your Whittier College ID card.

How long can I check out a book?

Books are checked out for 28 days with up to 4 renewals.

How do I renew a book?

Go to My Account, click on “Checked out items” button, and submit a renew request for the selected items. You cannot renew overdue items online.

How do I renew LINK+ books?

Renew LINK+ books the same way as Wardman Library books. Go to My Account, click on “Checked out items” button, and submit a renew request for the selected items. LINK+ may only be renewed once.

Finding Information

How do I look up a book?

Search our library catalog by keyword, title, author, subject and more.

Where do I find articles?

Start by searching in one of our databases. For help finding articles, see our subject guides or ask a librarian.

How do I access articles and eBooks from off-campus?

You can access all of the Library's electronic resources, including our research databases, online journals, and eBooks from off-campus. The best way to get to these resources is through the Library's website and online catalog. Any link to a database or journal on these websites will redirect patrons to log in using your My Whittier username and password. After you successfully log in, you will be able to view the article or eBook just as if you were on-campus or in the Library.


How do I print?

Each time you print from our computers, you will be prompted to enter your MyWhittier username and password in the PaperCut client. Next, release your documents from one of the Print Release Stations on the Main Floor of the Library or by logging in to Printers A, B, & C. Use your MyWhittier username/password or your Whittier ID card to release your job. Your print jobs will be held in a release queue for two hours.

How much does printing and copying cost?

Wardman Library provides you with $50 per semester for printing and copying. Printing costs $0.10/B&W page and $0.25/color page. A $0.05/page discount is applied to double-sided print jobs. 

How do I copy?

You need to use your MyWhittier username and password or ID card to access Printers A, B, & C. Each of these devices can photocopy, scan, and print.

How do I print double-sided?

When you print, click on “Properties” and make sure “print on both sides” or duplex printing is checked. Some applications do not support duplex printing. Ask a staff member if you have any questions.

How do I add printing credit to my PaperCut account?

If you exhaust the $50 printing limit in a semester, please see a library staff member to determine if additional printing credit can be added to your account.  

How does Web Printing work?

Log in to PaperCutMF or to upload the document you want to print. There are print release stations in the library, CAAS, the SLC, and the Late Night Study Room. Use your Whittier ID card or enter your MyWhittier username and password to release the print job from the queue. All web print jobs will be held for two hours. Please note, this service will only work from on-campus.

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