Printing, Copying, Computing



The student computer lab on the main floor of Wardman Library consists of PCs and Macs. Additionally, there are four PCs on the Mezzanine, and four PCs on the Top Floor. Computers are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Library computers are loaded with software such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Design Premium CS5 Suite, Firefox, Chrome, SPSS, and other academic applications. Applications may vary for PCs or Macs. Please ask library staff if you have any questions.


The Library has several printers available. All printers are located on the main floor of the Library.

  • Printers A, B, and C are multifunction devices that can print, scan, and copy.
  • Printers A, B, and C are color printers.
  • Printer D is a black and white printer.

Printing/Photocopying Costs

  • Whittier College students, faculty and staff members receive $50 of printing credit per semester as part of their PaperCut printing account.
  • Black and white prints cost $0.10 per page; color prints cost $0.25 per page. A $0.05 per page discount is applied to double-sided print jobs. 

How to Print

  • Each time you print from our computers, you will be prompted to enter your MyWhittier username and password in the PaperCut client. Next, release your documents from one of two Print Release Stations on the main floor of the Library or by logging in to Printers A, B, or C. Use your MyWhittier username and password, your Whittier College ID number, or your Whittier ID card to release your job. Your print jobs will be held in a release queue for two hours.
  • Printers A, B, and C print in color by default.
  • If you'd like to print from a non-Whittier College supplied computer, use Web Print. Log in to Web Print using your MyWhittier username and password. Click the "Web Print" link on the left-hand side of the page. Ask staff for additional help. Note: Web Print only works on campus.

How to Copy

  • Printers A, B, and C can be used as copiers.
  • You need to use your MyWhittier account to access Printers A, B, and C. You may also use your Whittier College ID number or your Whittier College ID card to login to Printers A, B, and C. Charges are automatically deducted from your PaperCut printing account every time you copy. Black and white copies are $0.10 per page, Color copies are $0.25 per page. A $0.05 per page discount is applied to double-sided copies.

How to Scan

  • Printers A, B, and C can be used for scanning. Each of these devices can scan color documents. You can scan documents or photos and email them as attachments to any email address or save them to a USB drive. Use your MyWhittier username and password, your Whittier College ID number, or your Whittier ID card to access scanning functions. We strongly encourage scanning your documents and saving them electronically instead of printing hard copies.
  • Due to attachment size restrictions with Whittier’s email servers, we recommend that individual scan jobs not exceed 20 pages. If you have multiple documents or book chapters to scan to email, break them up into individual scan jobs instead of sending them as one large document.This practice will ensure that all files reach their destination successfully. 

Microfilm Scanner

A ScanPro1000 Microfilm/Microfiche digital scanner is located on the Main Floor of the Library. Ask a Wardman Library staff member for assistance in using this equipment.

Microfilm cabinets containing the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Whittier Daily News, Quaker Campus, select journals, and other specialized items are located on the Top Floor of the Library.

Community Users

Community users may use one of several general use computers available on the main floor. At this time we are unable to provide printing options for non-Whittier College patrons.