Library Instruction Request


Wardman Library is committed to supporting student learning and the development of information literacy through tailored instruction.

All instruction services are designed to strengthen students’ ability to identify, locate, evaluate, and use academic resources while strengthening their critical thinking and information literacy skills. Faculty collaboration with librarians is strongly encouraged.

In-person Workshops

In-person workshops can be single-session or multi-session depending upon the needs of your course. Single-session workshops target a specific skill or the requirements of a specific assignment. Multi-session workshops focus on several skills or the needs of a long-term assignment.

A librarian will work with you to create a workshop that best fits the needs of your students. Workshop topics include but are not limited to: how to locate and identify appropriate information resources, research methodologies for general and specific fields, how to evaluate scholarly and non-scholarly periodicals, understanding plagiarism, and creating citations.

Online Research Guides

Online research guides highlight the information resources and Library services most relevant to a specific course or series of assignments. These online guides can be especially useful for courses that are taught regularly (e.g., core courses, senior seminars, etc.).

Library Assignments

Library assignments are customized, active learning activities created by librarians in collaboration with the course instructor to help your students become more familiar with information resources and library services. These activities are usually asynchronous and can be completed by students outside of class.

Library Tour

Library tours last approximately 30 minutes and introduce students to the physical space of the library, specific library services, and how to locate information resources. This interactive session includes a brief introduction and a group exploration activity.