Library Technology Lending Agreement


To be completed by students, staff, or faculty seeking to checkout laptops from Wardman Library.

Please read the following agreement, complete the form below, and click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the form.

For staff completing this form on behalf of a patron: Transcribe name, patron type, Whittier ID number, and barcode number directly from the patron's ID card. Be sure to verify all information verbally with the patron before submitting the form.

The following rules apply to all laptop and mobile device circulation:

Borrower Responsibility Agreement

Before checking out a device, patrons must sign the Agreement once each academic year; in subsequent years, patrons will be asked to sign the Agreement again.

Loan period

Patrons may borrow laptops for six (6) hours. PCs may be renewed once. Macs cannot be renewed. Devices may leave the Wardman Library.

Returning devices

Devices must be returned and checked in to a Library staff member at the Circulation Desk no later than 30 minutes before the Wardman Library closes. Do not place devices in the Return slot or the Book Drop, and do not leave them at the Circulation Desk if the desk is unstaffed. The Library is not responsible for the recovery of any data that is left on a device when returned. The patron must back up and remove any files they wish to keep. All parts of the device (including power adapters) must be present to check in the device.

Technical support

Library staff members can only provide limited technical support for laptop problems beyond the basics (Wi-Fi, printing, etc.); all other troubleshooting will be the patron’s responsibility.


Do not save sensitive or private information on laptops. The Library is not responsible for the exposure of any private data that may result when a device is checked out by another patron.


Fines will be assessed at a rate of $25 per hour for an overdue laptop.

  • If a laptop is overdue twenty-four (24) hours after its initial due date, it will be declared lost and the patron will be assessed a replacement fee of the original cost of the laptop (an amount up to $1525) in addition to overdue fines and billing/processing fees.
  • As with other fines, library privileges may be suspended until the issue is resolved. Patrons are also advised that they are responsible for the cost to replace any and all lost or damaged device components, including “cosmetic damage” that occurs to a device while it is checked out in their name. Therefore, patrons are advised to never leave any equipment unattended and to keep it away from food and liquids.