Final Exams

It is the policy of Whittier College that all final examinations are to be given only at the officially scheduled time for the course. In addition, no take-home final examinations or papers assigned in lieu of a final examination will be due prior to the scheduled time of the final examination.

Fall & Spring Final Exam Schedule

Final exams during the fall and spring semesters are held during a four day period at the end of the term. During some semesters, final exams may be scheduled on Saturdays. Each class holding a final is assigned a two-hour final exam meeting time. The final exam meeting time will most likely be different from the instructional or lab meeting times assigned to the class.

Fall 2018 Final Exam Schedule

Spring 2019 Final Exam Schedule

JanTerm & Summer Final Exam Schedule

Final examinations for January Term and summer classes are held on the last scheduled meeting day of the class.

Recommendations regarding more than two finals on the same day

The Faculty recognizes that taking more than two finals on the same day may place students at a disadvantage. When a student's schedule results in having more than two finals scheduled on the same day, the Faculty supports a negotiated solution. Students are responsible for reviewing their final examination schedules and notifying the professors concerned as early in the semester as possible, no later than the last day to withdraw from the course.

Faculty members involved are urged (1) to individually consider rescheduling that student's final examination and (2) to contact one another, as necessary, to consider which of the student's exams can most viably be rescheduled. In considering the viability of rescheduling, faculty will take into account one another's needs and exigencies while keeping in mind the student's best interests. Issues worthy of consideration in deciding which examination can best be rescheduled include: whether one or more examinations in question requires a special classroom, equipment, or material that would be difficult to arrange at another time; whether the format or content of certain examinations would make designing an alternative difficult; whether the security of the examination would be jeopardized by accommodating an earlier or later date.

Rescheduling final exams

Final exam meeting times are carefully scheduled so as not to cause faculty, student, or room time conflicts. It is possible to reschedule a final exam but due to the complexity of auditing for potential conflicts this practice is only supported on a very limited basis. It is strongly recommended that you coordinate with the Registrar's Office before attempting to reschedule a final exam. Please do not assume a room is available and occupy it as this may interfere with another faculty member's scheduled final exam.