Residential Life Services & Amenities


Campus Safety

Campus Safety ensures the general safety and security of the College. Other services include Operation Identification (engraving of personal belongings), lost and found, parking, and Safe Ride service for the campus. 

College Student Renter's Insurance

Occasionally, incidents such as theft, fire, flood, and other casualties occur on or around campus which result in damage or loss of student property. Whittier College does not carry insurance to protect a student's personal belongings and is not responsible for replacing these items. Therefore, the Department of Residential Life strongly suggests students purchase insurance or are otherwise able to cover these unexpected costs.

Whittier College has partnered with NSSI (National Student Services Institute) College Plus, a specialized property insurance program designed to address the specific needs of college students at affordable rates.

IT Services/Telecommunications​

IT Services is located in the Rose Hills Foundation Center for Library & Information Resources building and provides computer and network support. Ethernet jacks are installed in all residence hall rooms and Wi-Fi is available across campus. Please call IT Services directly for support and assistance.

Whittier College does not provide any telephone services. Students are encouraged to bring a cellular phone and provide the College with their phone number for emergency situations.


Laundry rooms in the College's residential halls are equipped with WaveRider washers and dryers that accept credit cards and allow students to report malfunctions directly from their phone. Download the Fixlaundry app on your iPhone or Android device or access the Wash Service Request to report a broken machine. 

Laundry cards

All residential students will be charged on their student account for unlimited use of laundry machines every semester that they are a residential student. The charge will be communicated via email to students during the first couple weeks of each term. Students are encouraged to check this email for more information or reach out to Housing & Residential Life.


  • WaveVision allows you to see which laundry machines are available for use and even sends you a text message to tell you your laundry is done.
  • Just go to the WaveVision website, sign up as a new user, and select 90601 as your zip code and Whittier College as your location. Fill out the rest of your information, start washing, and keep tracking!


Whittier's Mail Room and mailboxes are located in the Campus Center. Stamps are available for purchase from noon until 2 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Movie Streaming

The Office of Residential Life offers the Resident Select online movie streaming service. Students on campus are provided 24/7 on-demand access to movies with the ability to start, stop, fast-forward, rewind, and pause whenever they want from their computer. 

Resident Select has more than 18,000 movie titles to choose from, with dozens of new releases added regularly. Each month, students choose the movies they'd like included in Whittier's Resident Select library. Campus advertisements will also play prior to every movie to keep students informed of what's happening on campus. 

How to Watch

Resident Select is compatible with Windows and Mac platforms. Movies are streamed through a campus intranet connection. To watch a movie from Whittier's Resident Select library, visit Kanopy to get started. You must be on the Poet's Network to access this material.