Student Health Services


Primary Care

Primary care appointments are staffed by residents under the supervision of attending family practice physicians and nurse practitioners. The Whittier College Student Health Center staff is equipped to diagnose and treat the majority of illnesses students may experience during their time at Whittier.

Sample of Primary Care Services 

  • Treatment of a variety of illnesses and injuries
  • General physical exams, sports and travel physicals
  • Initiate and refill most prescriptions
  • Travel and all routine immunizations, (Hepatitis B, Hepatitis A, Tdap, Menactra/Menveo, Varivax, Gardasil, MMR, Typhoid, and flu vaccine) and TB skin tests
  • Laboratory (phlebotomy) services
  • Consultation and education
  • Allergy injections
  • Urgent care walk-ins on Monday mornings
  • Diagnostic screening for vision, hearing, heart (EKG) and blood pressure
  • Phone/walk-in triage
  • Referrals to off campus specialists and/or outside facilities (i.e. radiology, MRI, ultrasound, etc.). For these appointments, Whittier College has created a Taxi Voucher system accessible to you. Visit the Health Center to request a voucher.