Faculty Led Programs


Faculty-led study abroad courses are just like any other courses at Whittier College, except that classes are held all over the world.

JanTerm 2020 courses

MayTerm 2020 courses

Important reasons to consider a faculty-led course:

  • Students travel with Whittier faculty and earn Whittier credit.
  • Whittier offers a variety of courses, which means students can fulfill major and minor requirements, as well as liberal education requirements.
  • Students who cannot give up the time to participate in a semester or year-long program appreciate the opportunity to have a study abroad experience during the shorter JanTerm or MayTerm.
  • Students may participate in one or several faculty-led courses during a traditional four-year undergraduate program; or, students can complete a faculty-led course in addition to a longer semester program abroad.
  • The tuition fee is low, and Whittier student participants may qualify for a tuition waiver to cover this cost. Review the Faculty-Led Tuition Waiver Policy.

JanTerm 2020 Courses

Sevilla Maravillosa: Whittier in Spain (Professor Doreen O'Connor-Gómez)

Students in this course will take Spanish at a local school, participate in excursions throughout Seville, and live with host families. The goal of this course is to immerse students in the language and culture of Spain.

Paris: People, Place, and Revolutions (Professor Elizabeth Sage)

This experience will offer a background in history, literature, and contemporary political and social aspects of Paris so that students can participate in the life of the city "like a Parisian." 

Ohana in the USA: Native Hawai'i (Professor Ayesha Shaikh)

Our social and political worlds have been shaped by conquest and domination, which have significant implications for our cultural identity development. This course uses Hawaii as a case study to explore the emergence of and treatments for historical and cultural trauma. In addition to learning about cultural identity theories, Hawaiian history, and cultural practices, the course will highlight the perspectives of Native Hawaiians themselves through a variety of cultural immersion experiences on the island of Oahu. Students will visit cultural sites, have opportunities to learn from Native Hawaiian cultural experts, and volunteer with a local non-profit organization that utilizes trauma-informed care. 

Writing Poetry in Mexico (Professor Tony Barnstone)

Students will travel to San Miguel del Allende, Mexico for a 10-day poetry writing workshop. The itinerary includes San Miguel Poetry Week, one of the oldest and most important poetry fests in Mexico. After the festival, students and faculty will remain in San Miguel for several days to participate in local activities such as seeing local architecture, going to the botanical gardens, going to natural hot springs, travel to a local pyramid, horseback riding in Coyote Canyon, and a visit to the mummies of Guanajuato, all the while writing poems about their experiences.

Environment, Culture, and Politics in Thailand (Professor Sara Angevine)

Students will work on local environmental solutions to global climate change for a village community in northern Thailand and help with a variety of community development projects. In addition, the class will be exploring the vibrant cities of Bangkok, Chian Mai, and ancient Ayutthaya.

South Africa: Biological Research, Investigation, and Wildlife (Professor Cheryl Swift)

Students have the opportunity to conduct research led by Professor Swift and visit different sites of interest, including Kruger National Park.

MayTerm 2020

Jane Austen's England (Professor Andrea Rehn)

Students in this course will visit landmarks of Jane Austen's life and work in order to better understand the novels she wrote and the "heritage industry" that those novels brought to life in Southern England and in film, television, and the internet. The itinerary includes Winchester, Southampton, Chawton, Portsmouth, Lyme-Regis, Bath, and London.

New Zealand: Managing Multinationals and the Triple Bottom Line (Professor Dan Duran)

New Zealand: Globalization, Environment, Agriculture, and Economy (Professor Cinzia Fissore)

Southwest China: Interactions Between Chinese Cultures and the Environment (Professors Kenneth Berthel and Jake Carbine)

Greece: Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea: Why the Greeks Matter (Professor David Hunt)

This course will explore Greek history, culture, and...beaches with stops in Athens, Delphi, Olympia, Sparta, Mycenae, Naxos, and Santorini.