Go Abroad


Getting Started

The first thing to do about study abroad is to learn some of the different kinds of experiences you can have and choose between faculty led short term programs, or semester long experiences.  

Faculty-Led Programs

Faculty-led study abroad courses are just like any other courses at Whittier College, except that classes are held all in places like Paris, Rome, Cape Town and Beijing! 

Important reasons to consider a faculty-led course:

  • Your Global Poet Scholarship money applies! You have $2000 to dedicate to the price of the trip.
  • Students travel with Whittier faculty and earn Whittier credit.
  • Whittier offers a variety of courses, which means students can fulfill major and minor requirements, as well as liberal education requirements.
  • Students who cannot give up the time to participate in a semester or year-long program appreciate the opportunity to have a study abroad experience during MayTerm.
  • Students may participate in one or several faculty-led courses during a traditional four-year undergraduate program; or, students can complete a faculty-led course in addition to a longer semester program abroad. View all the current faculty-led travel courses on the Go Abroad website.
  • Full-time Whittier College students are generally not charged extra tuition for these faculty-led courses as tuition for Jan Term is part of the fall tuition package.  

Semester Programs

Studying overseas for a semester provides a unique opportunity that can open up fresh perspectives on international political, economic, and social issues, interpersonal relationships, and ultimate career choices.  We offer some great Poet Preferred Programs (exchange programs) in Australia, Hong Kong and the UK, and we work with affiliate partners all over the world.  The range of our partners allows you access to programs that fit your academic goals and your budget.

Whittier College’s study abroad programs directly foster students’ appreciation for the complexities of the modern world and workplace while never losing sight of the importance of social responsibility. During study abroad, students become actively involved in the local community as they explore their role in the larger, global community.

Additionally, studying overseas takes students on a journey beyond Whittier and gives them an opportunity to explore, increase intercultural competence, engage in critical reflection, and personally transform.