Scholarships & Fellowships For Travel


Financing your overseas experience is possible!

Scholarships and Aid

Many scholarships and additional aid sources for study abroad and faculty-led programs are available (see Provider Program Scholarship section below). As the Office of International Programs does not administer these scholarships, please review the specific deadlines listed on the scholarship websites.


Whittier College assists students in searching for appropriate international fellowships and grants and with putting together applications. Please contact Elizabeth Sanchez, Fellowships Coordinator, for more information regarding appropriate fellowships and grants for international education.

Crowd Funding Project Travel supports study abroad fundraising for students through online fundraising that capitalizes on students' existing social networks.  Visit their website to learn more about this organization.  Also, download their Guide to Online Fundraising. FundMyTravel offers an online platform for students to create their own fundraising campaign page for meaningful trips abroad. Combining social media, network sharing functions and basic insights on traditional fundraising, FundMyTravel supports motivated and project oriented students in making their travel ambitions a reality.

Additional References This guidebook shows students and their families that although the cost of higher education is constantly rising, there are ways to go to school without borrowing money. From work study programs to crowd funding platforms, today's learners have options other than traditional student loans