F-1 Visa Holders


Each academic year, Whittier College is home to students from countries around the globe who, in the classroom, on the playing field, in the arts, and in the residence halls, contribute to the greater diversity of Whittier's campus, enriching it with cosmopolitan thought and activity.

Each international student brings to our community a distinct background and diverse experiences. While undergraduates, these students contribute to the cultural and intellectual life of Whittier College—but they also serve as tutors and resident advisors, take leadership roles in student government and societies, play for the Poet sports teams, and establish student clubs to further enhance campus opportunities in their fields of study and interest.

Passport/I-20/I-94 Information

Make sure to bring your Passport, I-94 card and signed and dated I-20 in case you have not had a chance to pass this information to the International Student Advisor. The institution collects this information in compliance with USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) regulations. International students are responsible for these documents and should be able to furnish these three documents upon request by the College or to the USCIS at any time.

Maintaining Full-Time Status

International students are required to maintain a full-time student status during the regular semesters until they complete their degree objective. Summer semester is optional.

Traveling Abroad and DSO Certification

When traveling overseas/ abroad please make sure to get the endorsement from our Designated School Official (DSO). You will not be allowed re-entry to the US without this endorsement.

Reporting change of address to USCIS

International students are required to inform their change of address to the USCIS by law. Please make sure to pick up the form AR-11 (International student's change of address card). This card is to be used by all international students to report a change of address within 10 days of such change to the INS.

Practical Training

International students are eligible for Curricular Practical Training and Optional Practical Training after successfully completing an academic year. Please see the Office of International Programs for details.

Issues related to USCIS

Please contact the Office of Admission at 562.907.4238.