Career Branding


A career brand is not unlike a product brand.

Consumers purchase products because of the value they believe and see in the product. This belief in the product is made by sophisticated marketing strategies. "Career Branding" is your sophisticated and authentic promotion of your career competencies – your product. Tools like your resume, cover letter, and "elevator pitch" are a few concrete examples to use to market yourself.

Commitment to Sensible Career Branding during your Job Search Process

Envision your presence like a business card, having the capacity to instantaneously promote the value of your career competencies. Your career value in the eyes of employers increases tremendously when you are able to show not only who you are, but how you made your accomplishments.

Physical and verbal branding is important: with even your photograph missing, potential employers and other contacts would have nothing on which to base a belief in your career competencies. 

An active management of your social networking sites is paramount for your branding strategy.

Remember: positive and compelling career branding can take place at any moment during your career development and job search process. Prepare.