Career Branding

A career brand is not unlike a product brand.

Consumers purchase products because of the value they believe is inherent in the product. This belief in product has been shaped by sophisticated marketing strategies. Career Branding is your sophisticated and authentic promotion of your career competencies – your product – throughout the job search process in order to shape the employer's impression of the value you bring to their organization.

Commitment to Sensible Career Branding during your Job Search Process

During your job search process envision your presence on a business or industry social networking site as a consequential and sophisticated business card with the capacity to instantaneously promote the value of your career competencies. Your career value in the eyes of employers appreciates and the possibility for a new networking relationships or contacts increases tremendously.

Now imagine the opposite approach.  What would happen if you connected with a business social networking site like LinkedIn before you had completed your professional self-assessment, and without taking the time to career brand yourself appropriately? Your list of career achievements on your account would number somewhere between zero and none.  With even your photograph missing, potential employers and other contacts would have nothing on which to base a belief in your career competencies. 

An active management of your social networking sites is paramount to the prevention of an instantaneous devaluation of your career brand. Remember that positive and compelling career branding can take place at any moment during your career development and job search process.

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