On-Campus Jobs

Many Whittier College students experience their very first career and professional development growth opportunities in on-campus student support

They take their first steps into their professional identities as innovators, critical thinkers, problem-solvers, and team players not only in the classroom, but also within Whittier College offices and operations.

The Student Employment Program allows students to work and apply earnings towards tuition or keep for personal expenses. Student Employment positions are funded by a Financial Aid Work Award or through Departmental Exception Funding.

To obtain a student employment job on/off campus students should

  • Attend the student employment job fair, sponsored by the Human Resources Office, in September.
  • Apply for a position by inquiring directly with the department about their application process (i.e. submitting a resume, cover letter and application).
  • After receiving an offer for employment, complete the required student employment paperwork and return to Human Resources for processing.
  •  All employment paperwork should be submitted in person by the student to Human Resources.
  • Students must wait for their supervisor to receive an authorization email from HR prior to begin working.

Once employed on campus, the Guide to Career Development Plans for the Whittier College Student Workforce can be used to develop a short-term career development plan-of-action so students can use, develop, and track development of critical career competencies in their on-campus paraprofessional roles.

Guide to Career Development Plans for the Whittier College Student Workforce

For more information about obtaining an on-campus job, contact Stephanie Hernandez, HR Office and Student Employment Manager at 562.907.4208 or shernan4@whittier.edu

For more information about the Guide to the Career Development Plans for the Whittier College Student Workforce, please contact Michelle Ponce, Interim Assistant Dean of the Center for Career and Professional Development, at 562.907.4230 or mponce@whittier.edu.

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