Professional Online Communications

Represent yourself professionally within your online communications.

This includes emails, social media messages and comments, text messages, and blogging. The CCPD team recommends that you devise an online communication strategy.


  • Ask yourself, is the situation text appropriate?     
  • Consider the time and manner in which you choose to communicate. Texts can be seen as convenient or intrusive from the employer’s perspective.
  • Send text messages that are proofread and appropriate.
  • Reflect on your message. Does it convey what you want to communicate? 
  • View examples of how to construct a professional text versus an unprofessional message.


  • Viewed as less intrusive in nature and can be sent within a larger window of time.
  • Proofread all professional communications with appropriate content and grammar.
  • View examples of professional and unprofessional emails.

Social Media Posts, Messages, and Videos

  • Should be employer-appropriate and should display professionalism and maturity.
  • Can be sent within a longer timeframe.
  • Always ask yourself before you post, “Am I comfortable with my boss viewing this content?”

Have you done the following?

  • Written your message at an appropriate time of day (not at 2:00 a.m.)? 
  • Proofread and corrected all grammar.
  • Used appropriate language.
  • Reviewed your emotional status while you were writing: Were you upset? Nervous? Anxious? Is this reflected in your writing to a potential professional contact?

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