Billing Schedules & Information


Tuition and Fees are assessed on a per-semester basis.  The first billing for the Fall semester is generated in July. The first billing for the Spring semester is generated in December.

During the academic year, a monthly Student Billing Statement will be available for review on your My.Whittier account every 1st of the month. The billing statement will list remaining charges due on the account and/or miscellaneous charges such as library fines, health center fees, parking fines, lost keys, etc. Students may authorize additional persons to access account information and make payments on their behalf through Poet Proxy access. Students can also provide Proxy access to the online payment site to make a payment.

Students are encouraged to monitor their student account regularly and notify the Business Office immediately via email if they believe an error exists. The Business Office must be notified of any billing questions in writing in order to resolve issues in a timely manner.

Students with outstanding balances due at the semester start date must have a satisfactory payment arrangement in place. An outstanding balance is the total amount due after all approved financial aid awards have been deducted from the total semester charges for tuition, fees, room, board, and other fees. Students, or their proxy, may enroll in an installment payment plan as early as May 1 for fall semester and November 1 for spring semester.

A Business Office Hold will be placed on tuition accounts with outstanding balances. Students with a Business Office Hold will not be eligible to register for housing or classes for the upcoming semester. Diplomas may be withheld until all financial obligations to the College have been satisfied. The Business Office reserves the right to assess a monthly fee on the tuition balance on account until the balance is paid in full. A persistent outstanding balance may result in:

  • cancellation of meal plan
  • eviction from residence hall
  • revocation of financial aid awards
  • dis-enrollment from the College

How to read your Online Billing Statement Guide