Payment Options


Whittier College is pleased to provide students the following tuition payment options.

Monthly Tuition Payments

Whittier College offers a monthly payment plan option for students/parents who wish to pay their costs in monthly installments. This plan is serviced by Heartland ECSI. The payment plan is available to you for a small enrollment fee; there are no interest charges. A $25 late fee will be applied each time a monthly payment is received after the due date. Accounts more than 60 days delinquent may be closed by the College.

Enroll Now: TuitionSelect Monthly Payment Plans

Annual Pay Plan Options and Schedule for 2020-2021 Academic Year

12 Month Pay Plan: Enroll beginning April 1, 2020. First payment will be due April 1, 2020.

10 Month Pay Plan: Enroll beginning April 1, 2020. First payment will be due June 1, 2020.

8 Month Pay Plan: Enroll beginning June 1, 2020. First payment will be due August 1, 2020.

Additional payments are due on the 1st of each month. All payment plans will end 03/01/2021. The length of plan is determined by your enrollment date.

Need assistance in determining your contract amount? The online web application lists 2020-2021 Tuition Costs. Please have your Financial Aid Award information available as well.

Tuition Payment Plan Tutorial

Balance Adjustments: ECSI Tuition Select does not have access to the student's account information at Whittier College. When you contract to pay through ECSI Tuition Select, they will set the plan up for any amount that you request. They will not automatically know if the student's financial aid package changes, or if there is any change to the student's billing. Please contact the Business Office at 562.907.4207 if you wish to make any changes to an existing contract.

Upon enrollment, you will receive separate monthly statements from Whittier College and ECSI. Whittier College Statements will list tuition, fees, room and meal plan, financial aid credits, miscellaneous charges and credits, and the credit for your monthly payment plan. ECSI statements will be for amounts due to ECSI towards your monthly payment plan. 

One-Time Credit Card Payment

This service is provided through ECSI - Make a Payment Gateway site. Students may access the payment gateway through their account. Parents or other financially-responsible parties may access the payment gateway through their Poet Proxy Access. Look for the "Payment Select" link. Heartland ECSI accepts one-time online payments via ACH (electronic check) and debit/credit cards. Heartland ECSI accepts MasterCard, Discover or Visa credit cards. Also accepted are Visa and MasterCard debit cards. American Express is not accepted for tuition payments.

Student MyWhittier Electronic Payment Guide

Poet Proxy Electronic Payment Guide

Payment by Wire Transfer

Send Wire to:
First Republic Bank
111 Pine Street
San Francisco, CA 94111

For Credit To: Whittier College General Account

RE: Students Full Name AND Whittier College 8-digit ID#

Account Number: 80003 021375

ABA Number: 321 081 669

Swift Code: FRBBUS6S

Payment by Check, Money Order or Cashier's Check

Please include Student's Name AND Whittier College ID# on check. Checks returned for non-sufficient funds will incur a $25 returned check fee.

For payments mailed via the United States Postal Service (USPS)

Whittier College
Attn: Business Office/Cashier
P.O. Box 634
Whittier, CA 90608-0634

For payments mailed via all other carriers (UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc)

Whittier College
Attn: Business Office/Cashier
7214 Painter Avenue
Whittier, CA 90602-1450