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Department/Office Location Phone
3-2 Engineering Program Science & Learning Center 562.907.4200 x4458
Academic Affairs Mendenhall Building 562.907.4204
Admission Weingart Hall 562.907.4238
Advancement College Hall 562.907.4219
Alumni Dezember Alumni House 562.907.4222
Anthropology Platner Hall 562.907.4290
Art & Visual Studies Wardman Art Center 562.907.4255
ASAP (Advancing STEM Academic Program) Science & Learning Center 562.907.5146
ASWC (Student Government) Campus Center 562.907.4876
Athletics Graham Athletics Center 562.907.4271
Biology Science & Learning Center 562.907.4941
Bon Appetit Campus Center 562.907.4257
Bookstore Campus Center 562.907.4251
Broadoaks Children's School Broadoaks Children's School 562.907.4250
Business Administration (Academic) Hoover Hall 562.907.4256
Business Office Mendenhall Building 562.907.4207
Campus Safety Haverhill  562.907.4211
Weingart Center for Career and Professional Development Campus Center 562.907.4230
Center for Advising & Academic Success (CAAS) Ground Floor, Wardman Library 562.907.4816
Center for Engagement with Communities (CEC) Haverhill 562.907.5073
Chemistry Science & Learning Center 562.907.4498
Child Development Philadelphia House 562.907.4248
Communication/PR Mendenhall Building 562.907.4974
Conferences Mendenhall Building 562.907.4226
Copy Center/Mail Room Campus Center 562.907.4265
Counseling Center Haverhill A 562.907.4239
Dean of Students Campus Center 562.907.4233
Development College Hall 562.907.4299
Digital Liberal Arts Center Wardman Library  
Environmental Sciences Science & Learning Center 562.907.4451
Economics Wardman Hall  562.907.4256
Education Philadelphia House 562.907.4248
English Hoover Hall 562.907.4253
Equity and Inclusion Campus Center 562.907.4962
Facilities Maintenance Plant 562.907.4261
Film Studies Shannon Center 562.907.4834
Faculty Masters Houses Garrett and Hartley Houses 562.907.4200
Vice President for Finance Mendenhall Building 562.907.4205
Financial Aid Weingart Hall 562.907.4285
Gender Studies Platner Hall 562.907.4200
Global and Cultural Studies Platner Hall 562.907.4339
Health Services Health Center 562.907.4200 x4400
History Hoover Hall 562.907.4253
Human Resources Mendenhall Building 562.907.4208
Information Technology Ground Floor, Wardman Library 562.907.4287
Institutional Research & Assessment Hoover Hall 562.907.5027
Institute for Baseball Studies Mendenhall Building 562.907.4803
Integrated Computer Science Science & Learning Center 562.907.4200
International Programs Platner Hall 562.464.4582
Kinesiology Science & Learning Center 562.907.4969
Latino Studies Deihl Hall 562.907.4200
Library Wardman Library 562.907.4247
Mail Services Campus Center 562.907.4265
Maintenance Maintenance Plant 562.907.4261
Mathematics Science & Learning Center 562.464.4513
MADLAB (media center) Wardman Library 562.907.4846
Military & Veteran Affairs Wardman Library  562.907.5176
Modern Languages and Literature Deihl Hall 562.907.4249
Music Peasley Center for Music 562.907.4237
Payroll Mendenhall Building 562.907.4272
Philosophy Wardman Hall 562.907.4243
Physics Science & Learning Center 562.464.4513
Political Science Platner Hall 562.907.4854
Psychological Sciences Science & Learning Center 562.907.4291
President Mendenhall Building 562.907.4201
Public Information Mendenhall Building 562.907.4974
Quaker Campus (QC) Campus Center 562.907.4254
Registrar Mendenhall Building 562.907.4241
Religious Studies Platner Hall 562.907.4803
Residential Life Campus Center 562.907.4986
Shannon Center Shannon Center 562.907.4203
Social Work Platner Hall 562.907.4290
Sociology Platner Hall 562.907.4290
Sports Information Graham Athletics Center 562.907.4852
Student Activities (LEAP Office) Campus Center 562.907.4986
Student Disability Services Ground Floor, Wardman Library 562.907.4840
Student Government Campus Center 562.907.4876
Study Abroad Platner Hall 562.464.4582
Theatre Arts Shannon Center 562.907.4202
Wardman Library Wardman Library 562.907.4247
Whittier Scholars Wardman Hall 562.907.4243
Writing Program Hoover Hall 562.907.4334